Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinner set RM14.60 for 2pax. Believe it?

5th June

Ikan Pari (Stingray) masak Asam Pedas

Taugeh Goreng

Ikan Kembung Goreng Kunyit
All these including 2 x Nasi Putih, Teh Tarik, Milo O.... for only RM14.60. Too cheap.

Our Desert right after dinner.... Durian, from my Dear's Sister. Thanks Sis <3

We actually can't finish all these. Given 3 to Ah Phang and 2 for our Malay neighbour. We only managed to finish the 2 big one. Too full until my stomach going to burst. Both of us can't move much and have to sleep early today, lolz! That's crazy.


  1. Wow durian, durian i want to eat o...

  2. hahaha.... u will have it when it reached ur place. sure got la..