Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dinner at Bukit Bakri

29th May
Yam Basket with Pork Ribs
Glass Cabbage fried with Pork Oil, yummy....
Look at my Dear. Full until can't move around and can't smile also, hahah......

Monday, May 28, 2012

KL Shopping Day

27th May - This is the 1st time my off day on Sunday. Go KL shopping!!!

Started our journey heading to KL from around 11:00AM. Stop at the R&R Ayer Keroh to take our breakfast at Tuuu Dia Pak Tam Restaurant.
Reached and quicky go to the Parkson's Service Counter to claim my RM50.00 Birthday Voucher from Bonuslink.
Bought all my Dear stuffs. 2 x Slacks from Renoma & Smalto, D'urban Long Sleeve Shirt, Larrie Shoe and Socks from Crocodile all for around RM316.00 and we only paid RM266.00 after deduct the RM50.00 voucher. We managed to claim another RM10.00 voucher for spending RM150.00 in a single receipt (excluding voucher) and get another set of Depi Socks.

After few hours looking and buying all my Dear's stuffs finally I can sit and rest at Old Town White Coffee Restaurant.
The famous Old Town Curry Mee. Nice but still I prefer the one in Summit City, Subang. The Old Town Restaurant that I usually "lepak" when my Dear work there.
Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun. One of the famous and recommended food in Old Town Restaurant. I like this one very much since. Taste good like the one in Ipoh.

After this we head over to The Gardens, Mid Valley City. Managed to take these 2 photos of Mickey (sorry for the poor picture quality. Very rushing and tired and not feeling well, hahah....)
The main reason we came here is looking for Levi's. My Dear managed to buy this Levi's 504 for RM189.00 - RM50.00 (voucher I won) = Paid only RM139.00. My Dear love it so much. I'm feel it's just ok. Don't really like the colour but he loves it, okay.....
After we got the jeans we rush to our house in Klang to meet the lady renting our house for a chat and after that we went to our 'old place' Asia Cafe, USJ to have my favourite food. Vietnamese food can't get in Muar so if I come here it's a must for me to eat it. My Dear ordered Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken Ham (no picture). My favourite too but now I found a good one in Muar, so now it's no more 'a must' for me when come here, hahha.....
Vietnamese Vegetables Cold Vermicelli/Rice Noodles
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll again.

Heading back to Muar. Having some sushi (bought from Parkson) in car. Reached home around 3:00AM. Tired, tired, tired....... But it's a happy day.
-Today not feeling well so not much photos.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dinner - Durian with Rice

25th May - Durian Rice Dinner
Today's wish come true. This morning thinking of these and right after back from work I saw it!!! My dear prepare this for me. My favourite Durian eat with White Rice. Missed this taste since in Penang. My Dear tried for the 1st time and he love it too, hahaha.....
This is what we left for you guys, lolz!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinner at Thai Traditonal Restaurant again...

24th May - Our Dinner after Work
Sambal Mix - Long Bean, Green Peas & Petai (Stinky Bean) RM10.00
Traditional Green Chicken Curry (this is big for 2 person) - RM10.00
Onions Omelette - RM6.00

Did I mention we will be back for the Green Curry? So, we are back again to this Traditional Thai Restaurant (in front Toyota Show Room). The Green Curry taste good although it's not spicy for us. A little spicier will be better. I love the Bassil Leaves in the curry. This makes the curry taste traditional. 3 dishes + 1 pot of Chinese Jasmine Tea + 2 White Rice for just RM32.00 nett. Full until dear say today before bed no coffee, huhuhu.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Phone Casing from China

23rd May - My HTC ChaCha Casing Arrived!!!
My dear received these this morning in his office. All these for only RM35.04. Thanks Yuan Ching Tai for helping me order these from China and thanks Dear for sending it over to me and thanks for the mini cup cakes too, hehehe....

Guess How Much This Set of Dinne for 2.

23rd May - Can you Guess how much are all these?
Ikan Pari Masak Asam Pedas
Taugeh Goreng
Telur Dadar

All these above + 1 x Teh Tarik & 2 White Rice? RM9.20 only!!! Can you belive it? Cheap dao.... and taste good too.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Today Lunch + Dinner

20th May - Yummy Lunch
Fried Fish with Soya Sauce and Ginger. This is my all time favourite dish.
Green vegetables. As usual.....
Fried Belly Pork and Pork Liver.
Yam Rice. This is tasteless. Just like plain rice.

Today got a new stuff coming so I got the chance to go out for lunch already. Today no need "tapau". These dishes actually better eat with white/sticky rice than the Yam Rice. So me and my dear add a bowl of white/sticky rice. We share the rice and was so damn full. All these cost RM39.00. Thanks my dear again for bringing me to this newly found by him restaurant.

What about Dinner Time?
Fried Abalone Mushroom with Chilli Padi
Salted Fish Fried Rice for me....
Sambal Fried Rice for my dear....
Stewed Chicken Feet. My dear favourite, not me. I don't like.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ah Kher & Roti Birthday.

19th May - My dear's friends, Ah Kher birthday celebrate at R&B Galaxy, Muar (the only happening place in Muar, lolz!). Reach there and met my friend Roti who is celebrating birthday too. Today this place is so packed.
The middle one is Pa Pi Pu Toh (my dear friend and my FB friend). Profile picture was so different from the real person, hahahah...... sorry, lolz!
Check this out! My dear, Dj Jimmy...... Cool? Hahahah....
Jimmy Toh & Jimmy Soh
Me....... Dj? Hahhaha!

Went back at 4:00am after finish Dj-ing. It was fun being a Dj. Cheering, shouting, jumping, singing like no body business, wakakaka!

Dinner at Thai Traditional Restaurant

19th May - Celebration! Celebration! Today me and my dear lucky day so we go celebrate, yeah! What so lucky? Shhhh.... keep it as a secret.
Fish Kaeng som or Gaeng som - is a sour and spicy fish curry or soup with vegetables popular in central Thailand. The curry is characteristic for its sour taste, which comes from tamarind. The recipe uses palm sugar to sweeten the curry. Those who love to eat Tom yum should try this. Something different that must try. Oh, we found this in this restaurant. So happy. The 1st time I ate this is in my hometown Penang and 2nd time with my dear in Johor, Buffalo Restaurant. The last time in Johor my dear wanted to order Tom yum but I introduce him to try this and he love it. I prefer this than Tom yum b'coz Tom yum is too normal. Can get anywhere even in our local Malay Resataurant. Thailand got many-many good food, so if found a very good Thai Restaurant don't just order Tom yum. Try smething different. I really miss this until today......... I found it!
Spicy Fried Kailan with Salted Fish. For me this is not spicy at all b'coz I'm a Chilli Queen. Taste normal but as normal, for me it's not a complete meal without vegetables so we order this. This restaurant serve really good and pure Thai food. I can see the menu there, there's a lot of traditional Thai's food. Not like most of the Thai Restaurant that is not pure at all. Sure will be back to try the Thai Green Curry, my another favourite.